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“God grant me the strength,” was a phrase commonly used in my household. These were my mother’s unwavering words as she completed her arduous daily tasks to maintain a balanced household. “ ‘God grant me the strength,’ the strength for what?” I often pondered this question in my youth, till one day, God came with an answer. Strength to create. Strength to change. Strength to enforce. Strength to choose. Strength to realize that I am destined for great things. The reality of it all is that I have been endowed with knowledge on how to enhance my community through education and opportunities. In April of 2007, I found my calling when I planned, produced and hosted a fashion exposé to raise funds for the American Cancer Society. This feat may seem minute for some, but I gained experience necessary in obtaining my future career goals. The fashion exposé was a success. Clothing and make-up application was sponsored by Dillard’s at the Mall at Wellington Green. Hair stylists from a local salon; Illusions II; volunteered their time as well. The event was held at the Ultra Lounge Nightclub in West Palm Beach, of which the entire space was donated specifically for the event. The community support was awesome, it was rewarding to see how much the public appreciated this event. The exposé collected more than $5,000, and the American Cancer Society was more than grateful to receive the donation. After Viva la Glam; as the event was called; I felt a certain level of accomplishment and achievement that no academic honor has ever fulfilled. I felt enlightened in a sense, that this was what I was put on Earth to do. I am here to create, enforce, choose, and to make change. This is what God granted me the strength for. In June of 2007, I expanded my horizons, when I took on the largest challenge of my young adult life. Glamorous Ladies on an Admirable Mission (G.L.A.M.) Foundation was born. G.L.A.M. is a non-profit organization geared toward children in underprivileged communities in Palm Beach County, Florida. I began this organization to provide educational, artistic, cultural and health resources to my generation, and generations to come. G.L.A.M.’s first event was a school supplies drive for a local church. The children were ecstatic, especially since many of them could not afford to go out and buy new supplies. My mission is to help them grow intellectually; to develop a love, interest and respect for music and art. No monetary value can be placed on the benefits of a well-rounded education; however, it is not easily accessible to all. I am determined to insure that no child who may be indigent, becomes a product of their environment, but a product of an education in the arts. While G.L.A.M. is a pending 501 (c) (3) under the Internal Revenue Code, there will soon be more events that I can add to my résumé. My passion in life, lies within the will to do great things in my community and to enhance the quality of life for all. I plan to not only expand my non-profit organization to create national awareness, but I will also become the first African American Governess of Florida. In college I will obtain my PhD in International Business with a discipline in Marketing; as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science. Having earned those, I would like to travel the globe and possibly work in marketing for an international trading company. Through networking, natural skill, and a positive attitude; I have built relationships that will propel me forward and into the business world at an early age. I have been involved in several endeavors that have unanimously made me into my high-school’s very own “mini-marketing genius.” I have a love for marketing that does carry over into my community involvement. The community service hours listed on my transcript do no justice to my true involvement. I volunteer, not for the school credit, but because I enjoy it. Though my blessings are many, so are my obstacles. I have had to face adversities that I believed would put a halt to my dreams. Financially, my family has never been sound. Money has always been an issue for us, and there was one point where we even thought that we would lose our home due to heavy hurricanes and towering bills. Through it all, my parents have always supported me. Even though I have no money of my own, I still enjoy volunteering my time to others. I have been granted the strength, now I must lead. I don’t believe that anyone; including myself; knows my full potential yet. However, I will continue to grow. I know that I must first struggle before I can succeed, but failure is not an option; falling is not the issue. What is important, is that I don’t hit the ground. I will continue to give, inspire, work and guide. I have chosen my path, my goal is to assist the next generation in finding theirs.

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