Youth Power!

Official Project

The Problem

Butte County is located north of Sacramento. In my community, there is a high percentage of youths drop outs in high school and there is a very small fraction of those who attend college. My goal is to start a youth committee through our Hmong Cultural Center here in Oroville. I want to create a youth center that is easy going and open after school and on weekends so that youths can hang out, study, and create positive networks. In here also, I want to create a committee of youths for youths. The objective of the youth committee is to be a representing voice of youths in this county who will speak up for the youths during community events or adult council meetings. The youth committee will be composed of youths from different backgrounds who want to initiate and strengthen youth collaborations and networking. The key idea is that the youth committee will be a physical entity of resources to connect and expand youth power throughout the county as a starting point for other youths to speak out and have their ideas and goals implemented to create a stronger, youth supporting community.

Plan of Action

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