elevate our youth to adulthood day

Official Dosomething.org Project

The Problem

elevate is a group of young people ages 13 and up who seek to inspire others to new levels of understanding and compassion to the life connection needs of foster care and adoptive teens by sharing their personal stories of hope. elevate has created “elevate our youth to adulthood day” that will be held on April 26,2008. elevate will do outreach and take applications from youth who have transitioned from foster care to their own apartment and will select 10 individuals in 8 communities in Iowa to receive apartment makeovers. elevate will work with business, schools and other community groups to “adopt” an apartment. These groups will fundraise, purchase items to complete the makeover. Each makeover group will be paired up with youth from elevate to makeover the apartments on April 26th. The goal is to enhance the living spaces and build a connection between the youth, elevateÔ and the community.

Plan of Action

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