The Parkside Theatre

Official Project

The Problem

I recently got involved with the Parkside Theatre project in Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati. We are working on rehabbing the garrage of the Findlay Neighborhood Center sewing space. The idea is to turn the warehouse-esque space into a community theatre, where youth (ages 8-18)can come after school to attend workshops. They will be traied by professional and volunteer artists for about 4-6 hours/week, culminating in a production of a play that the youth wrote at the end of one month. We have the support of 52nd Street Project in New York, and plan to follow their program. Before the program can be established, however, the space needs to be transformed into a useable condition. We'll be working on that for at least a month or two. I'm also delving into the land of grantwriting in order to fund the project. No matter where the project ends up, I'm sure that anyone involved will emerge with some positive experiences.

Plan of Action

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