McKinstry Movement

Official Project

The Problem

To provide educational, vocational and mentorship training services for youth 14 -19 in the Fairfield, Alabama Community. This new program will offer educational and training opportunities to help youth in underserved communities learn about opportunities for employment that don’t necessarily require a college degree and can pay livable wages. The program was designed to specifically target youth that are not currently engaged in academic programs. The purpose for this is to use this program as a deterrent to criminal activities that have plagued the Fairfield community over the past decade. We know that many of our youth engage in criminal activity for monetary gain. It is our belief that the McKinstry Movement presents youthful leaders as program advocates that will capture the attention of potential youth participants; helping them to see young people who are committing their lives to positively groom themselves and a have a lasting impact on their communities. It is important for our youth to know that leadership can start at any age. Taking control of ones’ destiny is a human principle that is lost with many of our youth. The McKinstry Movements seeks to reinforce this principal and take that youth by the hand, helping to guide them to avenues of success and prosperity.

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