Edison High School's Week of Tolerance

Official Dosomething.org Project

The Problem

This week is for promoting diversity and tolerance of everyone on campus at my high school. Each day will have a specific topic of discussion. The topics include Religion, Gender Orientation/ Sexual Preference, Race, and Disability. With each topic, comes activities and educational events. Along with each topic will also be a video, in each homeroom class, explaining what is going on throughout the week, and also a description of examples/ statistics of issues surrounding the topic of the day. The end of the week will be wrapped up with an assembly through "Rachel's Challenge" followed by a day of silence for all those who are forced into silence because of discrimination against them . Currently, I am selling shirts to faculty and other students that say "Accept Me." on the front; Those who have the shirts will be asked to wear them at least once during the week in order to promote a message of acceptance of all people on the Edison campus. The shirts are simple black tee shirts with white lettering, in order to be simple enough to catch people’s eye. Another point of such a bold statement is to stimulate people to ask questions, and inquire those who are wearing the shirt what it means. This project is really important to me because I feel that it is time for change at Edison High School. It’s time to make an impact on the student body and open their eyes to those around them. There are too many people who aren’t accepting of others because of stereotypes; I plan to not only change the way people view others, but also break the stereotype molds.

Plan of Action

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