AIDS Awareness and Education Event/Fundraiser

Official Project

The Problem

I am interested in hosting and organizing an AIDS awareness evnt/fundraiser in the city of Chicago to increase knowledge about the quickly spreading disease. As and African-American woman I recognize that my community is being directly effected by this epidemic, and fast, which is why this topic is so important. I would like to have an event that includes performances,give aways,and testimonials. I want to invite some infected Chicagoans to come and openly discuss the disease,it's effects medically and socially. I would also like to have a specialist come to give some information and answer questions. I would like to finish up the event with a few performances by Chicago artists and give aways of Aids awareness materials and what-not,such as Dog-tags and t-shirts. This event would also be a fundraiser which will allow the community to play a part in helping the cause. This is NOT an existing project,this is something that I would love to begin workig on!

Plan of Action

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