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Hello, My name is Xia Trobough-Ali and I am 17 years old and I am doing a Fundraisor. I was inspired to do so by my local church and my faith in a man whom I try to mimmick in all I do. My pastor, Gerald Martinez, lives in an extremely poor and run down part of town called the war zone. For his efforts in community building, and acts of love he was accepted to get an extreme home makeovern by nbc. While we (The Joshua's Vinyard Church family) were all very happy, we were reminded of our real mission in our local War Zone ( ABQ, NM on Zuni and Dallas). To transform the lives of people around us with love. I felt compelled by my belief in christ that I should do way more than just go to church and pray for change, after all he never just prayed that people would hear his name, he traveled many miles and got it done! I had no idea how I was going to do this, but I prayed and began to devise a plan. I had recantly just got involved with a faith club at my High school (Eldorado). I brought the idea of a youth manned community service outreach in conjunction with my Youth group and they loved it! I named It "Donate to Rejuvinate". We sat around and devised a plan of action. I new I wanted a change drive, but had no idea where to get 200 containers or more! My friend Cassie suggested chinease food boxes, I thought that that was awsome, and we agreed. We made a few phone calls at school to local chinese food places, but no one sounded interested. We agreed to look in person on the weekend. The next time we met, our sponser said that there was no way and that we would have to forget all about it. I myself had only managed to collect three boxes. I bitt my tongue, but inside believed that there had to be more, and decided I would go searching again that weekend, inorder to have the whole abount of boxes my Monday morning! I prayed, and set out on my missinon and by 5:30 on Sunday I had collected 240 boxes! God miraculously provided people to help. That morning I asked my marine instructors' daughter if she'd be interested, and she was! for an hour she sat and wrote on the boxes, then, in first period we had a sub that I was really close with and she let me and another boy who hadn't even heard about the fundraisor skip class to put the boxes in every single class on campus! Four Days later I have $63.00. Which might not seem like alot but is enough gor some rakes and a couple of cans of paint, and I think this is just the beggining! [edited by DS Staff] ~ FROM A LOCAL HELPING HAND TRYING TO MAKE THIS WORLD A BETTER PLACE FOR EVERYONE*`.`* WITH LOVE AND pEACE xIA   (.0.) p.s lim int. access

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