Renegade Love

The Problem

Renegade Love Mission, Vision, and Values Statements Mission As divorce rates climb to more than 50% and abortions accumulate to more than 49 million since 1973, our generation is hurting from the pain of families being torn apart and the unspoken death of our peers. We exist to help the youth of this generation, and generations to come, by fostering an attitude of chastity, modesty, and truth. By fostering these ideals and the culture of life, we intend to help shape the future of our world through relationships. We are committed to equipping the youth of today and tomorrow with the knowledge required to make educated choices about relationships, as we are committed to helping those youth of yesterday, today, and tomorrow, who have been hurt. We are here to be renegades to society, to lead lives that speak the truth of love by respecting each other. We are here to bring a renegade love to our world: an unconditional love with respect for the entire person. Vision Our vision is to reach out to those youth who are hurting from the pain of past relationships, society’s example of beauty, abortion, and divorce. Our vision is to not only set an example with pure lifestyles, but to heal the wounds that have been caused by insincerity and lies. We strongly believe that through love, all wounds can be healed, and we can begin to make a new future for this generation. We believe that through respect and healing, each person can “love like they’ve never been hurt before.” Our vision is to hold up as examples those youth who have strong enough convictions to say “I’m a virgin, and waiting until marriage.” Our vision is to teach love not only by the words we speak, but also by our daily actions. We strongly believe that through respect, each person can find a love “worth waiting for.” We believe that waiting is the best policy, whether you are a virgin or “recycled.” Values Renegade Love is a team of Christian youth and young adults who are striving to send Christ’s message through the actions in our daily lives. We believe that you do not need to follow Christ to be pure, but that His love is the best example of an unconditional love that heals.

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