Soccer Superstars

The Problem

Soccer Superstars is a program that is being setup with the intention of helping at-risk and underprivileged children by involving them in their communities. Recently, we were inspired by the work of Norm Flynn of the Hockey Education Reaching Out Society and what we plan to provide is a similar soccer program for at-risk youth in Edmonton. Tentatively, we are planning a one-month long summer camp that will be run for one hour twice a week to provide summer fun for those children that may not have the opportunity to go on vacation or to camp. It is a known fact however, that those children that are actively involved with community programs have higher self-esteem, co-operate well with others, and are inevitably healthy and fit. This program will serve to benefit the children in every way possible starting with personal mentorship and support from experienced coaches and volunteers. The Edmonton Public School Board will be helping us find children that will benefit most from the program while Big Brothers Big Sisters of Edmonton will be helping us recruit volunteers, mentors, and coaches for the program. As anyone can probably imagine, the costs associated with running a soccer program can begin to build up, therefore, we are looking for any sources of funding. We have contacted a variety of local community groups in hopes of obtaining enough resources to run the program smoothly. Any support given however, will go miles to improve the lives and wellbeing of these children.

Plan of Action

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