The Be Positive Do Something Positive Day-March 1, 2009

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Many Americans today are in a state of emotional crisis. The continual barrage of gloom and doom and trauma and drama news has left many Americans in a state of emotional shock or feeling fearful and numb. According to The Conference Board consumer confidence is at an all time low. Statistics from the Disaster Center indicate that the overall crime rate is the highest it has ever been in the history of our nation. The U.S. Department of Justice reports that bullying in our nation's schools has been on the increase in recent years. According to a report published by Security more children than ever feel unsafe at their school, more young people are taking guns to school than is being reported, and more children are victims of some form of violence at their schools than has ever been before in the history of our nation. Teenage suicide is the third leading cause of death for young people who are between the ages of 15 and 24 in the United States according to the CDC. According to the National Institute of Mental Health over 57 million Americans suffer from some form of mental illness. In a poll conducted by CBS in September of 2006, 39% of the people polled feel less safe than they did five years ago. Although the poll was more focused on how 911 had affected us as a people than overall general fearfulness and insecurity on the part of citizens, still many of our citizens no longer feel safe in their own homes, work places, or schools due to an increase in violent events at these locations across our country.Harold Cameron, The Chief of Helping People of HaroldSays, believes he has an answer for all of the negativity that people are feeling and experiencing in our nation today. His solution is The Be Positive Do Something Positive Day, March 1, 2009. The Be Positive Do Something Positive Day is a day that has been established for all people to choose to "BE" positive and then to "DO” something positive for themselves first, then for another person, non-profit organization, or charitable cause. His hope and desire is that out of the Be Positive Do Something Day an initiative will be started in our country where positivity in thought and action will be established and people will be more positive and do some positive and good thing for another person, organization, or charitable cause every day.Mr. Cameron urges all people to participate in The Be Positive Do Something Positive Day on March 1, 2009 in some way. He encourages every person to start their day with a positive meditation, thought, or prayer and then to do at least one positive thing for another person, non-profit organization or charitable cause during the day. Mr. Cameron suggests that adults who work outside of their home unite with their co-workers to volunteer to do something positive for a non-profit group or a charitable cause in their area. He suggests that older students choose a younger student to read a book to and then give them the book to keep once they have finished reading the book to them. Younger students could conduct a canned food or paper products drive for a homeless pantry or do some other type of activity that is positive in nature. Homemakers and people who work at home could take a few minutes of their time during the day and volunteer to help another person or non-profit organization. If someone does not have time to volunteer their help, maybe they could make a small donation to the charitable cause of their choice. Some organizations that could use positive volunteer help include Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Habitat For Humanity, Stand Up For Kids, The American Red Cross, a member agency of your local United Way, a soup kitchen or shelter for the homeless. For people who do not know what organization or charitable cause to help there are websites that provide referral information to help consumers. A few of those organizations include Americorps,, Network For Good,, Mentor, and Points of Light. Mr Cameron is also asking members of the media to promote The Be Positive Day prior to and on that day by posting a positive headline in their newspaper, or having the first news story on each news broadcast on their radio or TV station be a positive story.Support for The Be Positive Do Something Positive Day in 2008 was outstanding. Governor Edward G. Rendell, The Governor of PA; Mayor Christopher A Doherty of Scranton PA, (made famous by the hit TV show The Office); and The Lackawanna County Commissioners aa issued proclamations in support of The Be Positive Day. Senator Arlen Specter, Senator Robert Casey, Jr., Congressman Paul Kanjorski and Congressman Charles Dent all supported The Be Positive Do Something Positive Day and The Be Positive Initiative. IMDb, an company; Marlene Blaszcyk, the creator and editor of; Mark Hoog, nationally recognized author and motivational speaker for Growing Field Books; The Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees Baseball Team, The NEPA Miners Football Team in Scranton PA all supported the day and Be Positive Initiative. Also Scott Johnson and The Positive Music Association are supporting The Be Positive Do Something Positive Day. Every day word of new support and supporters reaches Mr. Cameron indicating to him that there is an urgent need for The Be Positive Do Something Positive Day on March 1, 2009. Harold invites everyone to join him and unite together on March 1, 2009 and make it the most positive day our world has ever experienced.HaroldSays, "Making our world a more positive place, one day at a time."For more information about the Be Positive Do Something Day, or to schedule an interview with Harold Cameron, Chief of Helping people at HaroldSays, please call him at (570) 341-6796 or E-mail him at

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