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The Problem

I live in a Community that is designed as a great location for a fitness fair similar to the March of Dimes Walkathon. I really think that younger people need to know the importance of physical activity and that its part of staying healthy. Exercise is important to prevent diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and other disorders. My project would involve all of the fitness oriented centers in the northwest portion of our city. There is a skate park, a park with a fitness trail, tennis courts, basketball courts, and bike trails all within 3 miles or less of each other. I would design a fitness day that would involve activities at all of these sites simultaneously. People can sign up with sponsorship similar to the March of Dimes. We would have tennis matches, 3-on-3 hoops tournaments, bike races, and a 5K walk/run. If people didn't want to do any of these things then they could be a part of a "scavenger hunt" of sorts. They would have to gather set information in the form of questions that relate to each event being heald and would have to walk to each event to gather this information. Prizes can be given out for the most "points" tallied. This would give smaller children and their parents an activity to participate in together. Prizes could be a free week to work out at the local YMCA which also happens to be in the same vicinity. Booths can be set up along the 5K trail that educates children and their parents about the rise of obesity in children in our country, and how it relates to heart disease and diabetes. Also, information on nutrition, what is a healthy weight (BMI) with sponsorship from our local hospitals, the University of Florida Collges of Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, and Pharmacy. It would be a great opportunity for local physicians to advertise their services as well as local pharmacies and clinics. The possibilities are endless!

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