Official Project

The Problem

Communicare Regional Prevention Center (RPC) is partnering with Kentucky State Police (KSP) who is starting a program called Explorer. A KSP Officer, Norman Chaffins, has recruited youth ages 14-18 to be trained to become Youth Leaders for their communtiy. This is a pilot program and currently there have been 10 youth recruited. The youth have gone through training on substance abuse prevention with an emphasis on prescription drug abuse which is rampant in their community, Grayson County, Kentucky. This is a mentoring program that teaches leadership skills, discipline, responsibility, and community involvement. The Youth Leaders are expected to give back to the community and be a positive role model for other youth. The Youth will provide prescription drug abuse education to youth in their community and participate in a community prescription drug abuse prevention program. The group is also fundraising for uniforms and money to go to an Explorer law enforcement academy in Bullitt County in June 2008. Thank you for considering our project.

Plan of Action

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