Wood Duck Project

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The Problem

Every year I plan a conservation project so I can teach others about protecting our earth. This year I have planned a project to educate members of my community on the preservation and protection of the wood duck. In Iowa wood ducks had been in danger of extinction due to the clearing of timber for farmlands. Activists saw the problem and built habitat for the ducks which helped to regrow their numbers. However, continuation of timber clearing and flooding can destroy habitat which could in turn cause a decrease in the number of one of Iowa's most beautiful birds. In order to do my part to protect wood ducks for future generations, I have planned an education seminar where I will teach youth and community members all about wood ducks; their history, habitat information, etc. I will also teach participants how they can provide habitat for ducks. I plan to invite local scouts, 4-H clubs, and other community members. The second phase of my project will be to have a wood duck house building session. I have contacted local enviromental groups about the best design, have contacted my boy scout troop for support during the construction project, and I have received a small donation to be used towards materials. Each participant will make their own wood duck box. I will teach them about placement of the box and about maintenance so that participants can continue providing habitat for years to come. My plan is for all participants to be allowed to participate free of charge. I feel it is very important for youth like myself to know that they can make a difference in the world and in its protection. I think this project will show others just how easy that is.

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