High School Prarie

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The Problem

This is simple. I want to get a prarie in front of our high school. We have a very large empty grass lot in front of our high school, and a prarie would give our school many benefits. First of all, it would beautify our school. Praries are wonderful wildlife sanctuaries that are homes to many fascinating plants, flowers, and animals. Second, it is a great money saver. The amount it costs to maintain that grassy area adds up quickly. With a prarie, maintenance would not have to keep it up and therefore, save money on gas and work pay. Third, it could be used as a practice for firefighters. The way praries are kept from growing out of control are with controlled fires where the prarie is burned. I figure that it could be a good practice for firefighters to keep the fire controlled. One last benefit is that it is something that an environmental action or similar class at the high school could be involved in. Whether they study the organisms that live there, or help it prosper, it would be an effective, entertaining, and educational thing to learn about. This project is not as hard as it seems. My friends and I started the basics of this project at our school in a class called civic engagement where the students come up with a service project to work on. I figured this would be a good idea to share. All that needs to be done is to get it approved by a few people including: the DNR, the school board, and the city. Also, there needs to be some source of money. However, it is not very expensive. Materials needed include: prarie grass, plants, trees, and benches, plus whatever else seems right. After it's all tallied up, the cost comes to around $1,000. But, for the benefits that it offers, it is worth it, especially if it saves money on maintenance. This project is very beneficial and worthy of being acted upon. I hope that people think about this and seriously consider trying to do it themselves, for the school, for the city, and the environment.

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