Read for Knowledge: The Fight against Illiteracy

Official Project

The Problem

According to the website, [URL][/URL], in the United States alone about fifty million adults have a reading level of no higher than fourth or fifth grade and forty-two million adults cannot read at all. Each year the number of adults classified as functionally illiterate increases by two and a quarter million. Of all seniors graduating from high school, twenty percent can be classified as being functionally illiterate. To get kids involved in reading, my community project plan is to set aside one or two days a month and visit the elementary school in the area or use the local library to read books to kids preschool up to fifth grade. Children love to use crafts to learn new ideas and concepts, so providing fun activities will get them to be more involved with books. To challenge the children in fourth to fifth grade, they could write their own short stories. This would also encourage them to read more books for ideas and develop an interest in a certain genre. Instead of forcing children to read a book they don’t like and will later shy away from reading. Preschoolers and children in kindergarten can learn how to read and write by using blocks to create words and stories. All the children would be able to participate in creating their own books, crafting bookmarks, dressing up as their favorite book character and a challenge to read ten books in a month’s time. Books or gift cards to a bookstore could be given away as prizes for participation. No one would leave empty handed! In every grade (preschool to fifth), the classroom with the most read books every month would get rewarded with a pizza party or some other type of party. Getting children interested in reading is a step towards fighting illiteracy. People are unaware of the considerable amount of adults who are unable to read or write, which also affects their ability to get jobs. The more awareness made about illiteracy, the better the solution to help minimize it.

Plan of Action

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