Outdoor Classroom for Ridgecrest School

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The Problem

Ridgecrest Elementary is a K-8 school located in a rural community in western Stanly County, North Carolina. This school’s students are nice, friendly, and quite intelligent. Unfortunately, many of the students are not interested in reading. My Eagle Scout project has the potential to correct this problem by creating a fun reading environment for the students. I plan to construct an outdoor classroom area that contains benches and a storyteller’s chair. This project will especially benefit students in grades 3-8 because currently the only outdoor spaces available for their use are the basketball court and baseball field, neither of which were designed for quiet learning activities. The K-2 students do have an outdoor playground space, but it doesn't encourage quiet activities either, so they will also benefit. My project will benefit the students of Ridgecrest school because it will open their eyes to the world of reading. The outdoor classroom, to be located just outside the library, can create a fun learning environment, and that is why it can interest the kids in learning. Also, because there is a handicapped ramp adjacent to the area, it will be accessible to everyone. With additions to the area which can be made later, this project can also make students interested in other fields of learning, such as science. I have contacted Ms. Rachel Hartsell (teacher) and Mrs. Amy Blake-Lewis (principal) about getting appropriate approval for this project on the school and county levels, and I've already gotten approval from my Scoutmaster, Advancement Chair, and a member of the Eagle Review Board for Central NC Council. For assistance with my project, I plan to have about 8 to 15 people working on it with me. I will get these volunteers from my troop, youth group, and students at Ridgecrest School. These people will most likely put in 3 hours of service each. To get funds for this project, I estimate that I will need about $650. I am applying for this $500 grant from the Do Something Foundation. The other $150, I plan to get from community members or donations from friends, relatives, or teachers. I also plan to go to several lumber stores and see if they can give a discount for the materials needed. (Lowes Home Improvement in Albemarle has offered to give a 5% discount.) I will then add up the totals and see where I can get the least expensive, highest quality hardware and lumber. After I have acquired the wood, I will take it home and mark where the cuts need to be made. The day before the project, I will call to remind everyone who said that they were going and see if anyone has had a change of plans. Then, I will go and pick up the troop’s water containers and load all the materials and equipment. The morning of the project, I plan to have volunteers arrive at 8:30, but I will be at Ridgecrest School at 7:00 a.m. I will use this time to set up the multiple stations that will complete the various stages of the project. The stations will include one for sawing the lumber for the benches, another for assembling and positioning the benches, and the last group for cutting and assembling the storyteller’s chair. If the school does not have a readily accessible electrical outlet, I will bring our generator. Only Scouts who have their toting chip will be allowed to use the saws, and even then, an adult will be observing them while they make the cuts. Below are details for the benches, storyteller's chair, and also a supplies list. Information about benches The benches will not be anchored to the ground, but they will be supported by a 4x4 in each corner. This will allow teachers to reconfigure the area for different projects, such as independent reading, plays, skits, or projects. The total cost for one bench is $42.02, and for all 8 the total cost plus tax is $336.19. Information about storyteller's chair The chair will not be staked to the ground, but it will be supported by 2 4x4s on the back holding the 1x6s that are to look like books. The total cost for the storyteller’s chair is $95.97. Supply List • 30 Feet of 4x4s……………………………..…………………………… 4 eight foot planks • 204 feet of 1x2s………………………………………………………… 26 eight foot planks • 10 feet 2x12s………………………………………………………….…….2 eight foot planks • 250 screws • Green, red, blue, yellow, and orange spray paint……… Exterior paint • Black model paint • 2 gallon can marine sealer • 3 saws • 2 water coolers and cups • First aid kit • Extra work gloves and ear/eye protection for volunteers who don't bring their own • Trash bags • Broom • Time sheet • 3 drills • Wood glue • Clamps • Sandpaper • Large tarp • Portable Shelter in case of bad weather

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