MVP: Memorializing a Valuable Park

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The Problem

1. Background (why do you want to do this project) From tee ball to being a current high school baseball player, I have grown to love the game of baseball as it has become a large part of my life. I’ve called many different ball fields “home” in my days growing into a teenager here in Bettendorf, Iowa. But one of the most important and memorable fields I have played on is Margarito Saldivar field at Devils Glen Park; a park which has been in my community for over 50 years. I played on this field when I was 13 and 14 on the Bettendorf Diamond Kings. My friends and I all share great memories on the field having long practices, tough games, and fun times. Although the field did have a memorial, I never gave much thought to the field’s name or even knew it was called Margarito Saldivar field back then. My friends and I had always referred to it as the Devils Glen Field. Recently, when I was down at the field, I noticed the small stone memorial was missing and that only small pebbles remained. I sent an email to Mr. Steve Grimes, the Director of Parks and Recreation for Bettendorf and asked him about the memorial and for permission to replace it. Mr. Grimes gave his ok and forwarded my request to a Ms. Cyndi Smith. Ms Smith contacted me very excited and shared with me that Margarito Saldivar was her father. Ms. Smith was so excited about me helping replace the memorial that I’ve decided to do this project regardless of winning the Do Something Spring Into Action Grant. We have exchanged a few emails and I realize, now more than ever, how important it is to give back to your community. 2. Project Overview/Description I am proposing a project to replace the missing stone memorial at my old baseball field (Margarito Saldivar Field) with a more permanent memorial. The only thing that remains of the small stone memorial are pebbles. The one thing I have heard about Mararito Saldvidar is that he is referred to as the “father of baseball” in Bettendorf. I intend to do further research to learn more about who he was. I will seek out sponsors to fundraise money for the project. I will use my research information about Mr. Saldivar to get sponsorships. Based on the amount of funding I can get, I will design the memorial. My emphasis will be on a permanent memorial design that will be less likely to be vandalized or taken. Once my proposal is approved, I will conduct research, fundraising and memorial concept designs. By July, I should have a finalized plan and funding. Next, I will build and install the memorial at the baseball field and hold a small dedication ceremony. I will use my organizational, creative, time management and leadership skills to complete this project. My project will promote public awareness, volunteerism and pride in my community. This project will allow me to give something back to my community.

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