Flowers of Faith

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The Problem

The youth group at my church, Crab Orchard Missionary Baptist, seeks to "Know the One True God and make Him known" through our actions in the community. Over 15 years ago, the church took the initiative to take part in the Adopt-A-Highway program in West Virginia. In doing so, we agree to mow, decorate, or otherwise maintain a grassy median along a major roadway in our community. We aim to bring the Spirit of Jesus into the daily lives of our small community through providing religious surroundings. It is amazing how even a patch of grass can become a ministry! We have discovered that you reap that which you sow through efforts and dedication. Every year, our group of young people, brings the joy of Jesus Christ to all who pass by the median on a daily basis. Messages of hope are displayed on signs, patriotic flags are placed for Veteran's Day, vibrant flowers are planted and tended to during spring and summer, and a manger scene is proudly placed during the Christmas season. It is our hope that our simple "island" amidst the bustle of the highway might symbolize hope and salvation to those who have yet to discover such comforts in their lives. In order to keep this program going, we seek donations of flowers, flags, and other decorations from local businesses. With the help of this grant and local businesses, lives can be saved and we can continue to bring a simple moment of joy to Crab Orchard. It is my sincere hope that at some point someone will approach me and inform me that a simple sign and a patch of flowers brought them to our church and ultimately led to them accepting the Lord, Jesus Christ. Thank you for your consideration!

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