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The Problem

As of 2006, for the first time in fourteen years, statistical findings of the U.S Center for Disease Control and Prevention found the number of teenagers having babies has exceeded that of past years. Though this glaring observation stunned me, the fact that really opened my eyes to this problem was by Victor C. Strasburger, MD of the University of New Mexico; One million teens in the USA will become pregnant over the next twelve months. Ninety-five percent of those pregnancies are unintended. About one third will end in abortion; one third will end in spontaneous miscarriage; and one third will continue their pregnancy to term and keep their baby. To top that Strasburger adds that the United States of America has double the adolescent pregnancy and birth rates of any other industrialized country. This is a call for a change, a voice that speaks not only to a single community but to an entire nation. It is the voice of the future generations of this country; crying for help. These young parents will statically have a higher drop out rate from high school and are very likely to never acquire a college education. The impact of the educational achievement these young parents suffer is just an example of the many obstacles they must face. A Saturday August 2004 was the day I found my personal way of making a difference in these young lives. I stepped into the office of the House of Hope, a pro-life organization for pregnant women, and began my movement. Since then I have raised many supplies for women who have no support in their lives and are economically disadvantaged. I just hope to be a helping hand in their lives and to be some kind of aid in their hard situations. Yet my goal is to prevent the problem; today I’m successfully working on a presentation with a team of specialized nurses to work on this goal. In the presentation we will inform teenagers of preventive measures and ways to handle situations that have already unfolded, including the risks of intercourse, and methods of dealing with pregnancies other than abortion. The presentation is given through a teenager’s point of view, but supervised by professional nurses. The point is to reach the youth and decrease the number on teen pregnancies. If it all continues to work as planned the presentation is to be employed around the months of March through May to hundreds of high school students in El Paso. I’m hoping that I will serve as an example to other high school students and to inspire them to start a change in their communities too. If we all stand together, we can make the world a better place.

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