Don't Keep It To Yourself

Official Project

The Problem

This program's purpose is to let rising freshman girls know that there is someone confidential at school that they can tell if they are being or have been abused or harrassed sexually. It's basically an awareness program about the Student Assistance Office and what it can do for you in those circumstances. Too many girls are raped or otherwise abused in school and don't tell anyone because they are afraid to, or don't want to tell their parents like the health teachers tell them to. Because of this, the people hurting them are still running free, and these girls are going about with horrible memories scarring them. If someone would have told me two years ago that the Student Assistance Office was confidential and could not do anything or tell anyone unless I agreed to it, then my high school years may have turned out differently. I can't go back and tell myself; however, I can tell other girls who may be in my situation that there is another option of someone to turn to. If I can help even one girl know that she isn't alone, then my purpose will be fulfilled.

Plan of Action

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