I pledge to drive safely!

Official Dosomething.org Project

The Problem

The project "I pledge to drive safely," is supposed to be a comical spin off the famous red ribbon week saying, "I pledge to stay drug-free." This comical title will be used on stickers passed out to anyone and everyone who is willing to wear one. The only catch is, the only way you can receive a sticker and a key chain is by signing a poster with your name and age stating that you truly pledge to "drive safely." After this is offered to students for a week at all the high schools in my community, the poster will then be photocopied and put up all around the schools for everyone to see who is definitely going to be driving safely. I would love to get this project in motion right now, but like any good campaign, my school needs money for this to get going. My high school has about 3,500 kids enrolled, and so trying to affect as many of them as possible, we will need a lot of supplies. Thank you for taking my high school into consideration. I think it is a great place to start this campaign and then after we test it at my high school, I am sure that I can convince the school board to start a specific budget for this campaign that way every high school in my district can reap the benefits! In order to make more money for this project, we could also conduct car washes to further our reach while staying within the general theme of the project.

Plan of Action

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