My Summer "Volunteening"

Official Project

The Problem

If you are 13-years-old or older you can be a summer "volunteen" at Norton-Suburban Hospital in Louisville, KY. That is what I did last summer. I was 13 so it was my first chance to do it. I was in the Newborn Nursery on Fridays from 9AM-3PM and in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) on Mondays from 9AM-3PM. In the Newborn Nursery I restocked supplies in the cabinets and cribs, rocked babies to sleep, assisted in hearing tests, and changed diapers. I also got to observe several circumcisions. In the NICU, most of the babies are in these box-looking cribs so I didn't really get to help with the babies themselves, so I mostly helped the nurses with whatever they needed. When I get a career I want to be a neonatologist (a doctor that works in the NICU with premature and very sick full-term babies) or a high-risk obstetrician (a doctor who delivers premature and high risk babies). Think was a great experience for me. I volunteered 60 hours over the summer and when it was over the nurses and doctor all said what a big help I was and that they hoped I would come again the following summer. I loved doing all that volunteering and I know it helped out the nurses and doctors, and I enjoyed it a lot.

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