Aprendiendo Inglés Sólido

The Problem

Aprendiendo Inglés Sólido (AIS), which translates to “Learning Solid English,” was founded in 2002 at the Atlanta International School in Atlanta, GA as a community service group to meet the needs of the Hispanic Primary school community in Atlanta, GA. In addition to running successfully for five years in Atlanta, AIS has now started a chapter at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut to continue catering to the needs of the Hispanic Primary School community. In order to help the children improve their English, tutors help the students in the mechanics of the language, design arts and crafts projects to introduce them to American culture, play games that reinforce English vocabulary, and publish a Spanish newsletter informing the Hispanic community of events happening in and around New Haven. The AIS in Atlanta and New Haven tutor during the school day and at after school at public schools, private schools, church centers and community centers.

Plan of Action

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