Keepin' It Green

Official Project

The Problem

Mission: As a group, we are striving to advocate to our community for environmental concerns. By designing a kick-off of environmental action, we strongly believe that people simply need the knowledge! As the catalyst, we hope to benefit our lives and those of future generations. Description: On April 26, 2008, we will be hosting a day of tree and flower planting at a local open space. Involving our school, inspiring our leadership, and envisioning our dream are ways we are taking the current problems into our own hands. After the planting, we will host a BBQ in which we will relay information and ideas on how to keep up their conservation efforts. We hope the effects will stretch far across the community and inspire people to take action in their own backyards. Personally, we also hope to learn from our project. We would love to transform our own daily routine to be more in tuned to the preservation and care of the world.

Plan of Action

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