Project Reuse

Official Project

The Problem

Doraville is a growing community with a growing number of immigrant and refugee families. The area is very diverse with many Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese and Mexican Americans. Our goal is to bring all of these diverse people together to bring awareness to the global issue of preserving our environment. The preservation of our Earth is a cause that crosses all lines of color, race, ethnicity, religion and culture. Doraville is an area that doesn't have many recycling centers or environmental preservation or conservation campaigns.

Plan of Action

We are a youth leadership group that meets weekly at a non-profit in Doraville, Georgia. We assess the needs of the community and formulate an action plan to meet those needs such as mentoring and peer education. Recently we have identified environmental awareness as a pressing issue in our diverse community. We would like to start with a comprehensive recycling program at the non-profit organization we meet at and spread the awareness to various restuarants, county agencies and companies in the local area.

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