The Problem

were helping to fight hunger in various places all over the world, we are doing are famine throughworld vision who will distrubute supplies bought with our raised money to varius places and in the proccess of doing this we hope to help our own community!

Plan of Action

Me and My sister have gotten together the materials to performthe 30 hr famine( money collecting pactes, folders for everybody, t-shirt order forms, ect.) we will not perform this famine until the begining of next school year, but will be taking up money for donation until then. IF ANYONE WOULD LIKE TO DONATE IT WOULD BE APPRECIATED!! You can email me and i can get you an address to mail a check or money order to.(breezy4u2c@yahoo.com) We have disscused the plan for the famine with possible partisipants. As i mentioned before we are collecting donations now and more participants will recive their collection packet soon. During the 30 hrs of not eating we will go around the community helping those in the community( lawn work, erounds{sp}, door to door donations, food bank donations for food items, and more) I am extreamly excited to perform this project!! wish us luck!!

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