Environmental Awareness

Official Dosomething.org Project

The Problem

The city of Springfield hosts a very diverse population of people who are not interested or invovled in helping the environment because most people are not sure how to get started. If I could have students of the Environmental Club go out into the community to help inform people how to lower their heating, electricity and water bills, I feel that residents of Springfield would be proud to be making a difference in the world by changing their lifestyle, once informed. I dream of a college campus that can build more energy efficient buildings and have an impact upon the students who don't know much about how to get started.

Plan of Action

At Springfield College in Springfield, MA, the environmental club was started last year. As this up-coming year's president of the club, I would like to start changing the way people think about the environment and their impact upon the world around them. I think that most people would care about the world if they were more informed of what they can do to help. I would like to build a stronger, tighter group of students who are excited to help inform the students of campus, as well as locals in the city of Springfield.

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