Annual Youth Empowerment Gala

The Problem

Youth are often depicted and criticized for negative concepts that may occur within the community. One bad apple shouldn’t spoil the bunch. Every child deserves to be praised on his or her accomplishments. So here, is your chance to be recognized on your accomplishments, talents, or community service or you can acknowledge youth of Forsyth County that have gone the extra mile to reach a successful future. The youth today are our future leaders of tomorrow. Let’s give credit, where credit is due! In Forsyth County (North Carolina) there isn't a lot of positive reinforcement for children and youth. There is a lot of gang violence and criminal acts taken place by the youth in this area. A lot of children are misinformed about opportunities to attend college or on how to further their education. With an annual gala, youth who are involved in community service projects can be recognized and rewarded. Also, this will give high school seniors a chance to win scholarship money towards their education. Furthermore, this community is known for performing arts. Their are several schools in this area that focus on performing arts. Many citizens of Forsyth County are unaware of the talents that youth in the community portray and the potential and skill level of their talents. An annual gala would be a great way to show appreciation and support to these youth heavily informed in performing arts. I want to solve the problem of "bad-mouthing" and criticizing youth. I want youth to have something positive to look forward to. I want the youth to know that there are rewards for their accomplishments.

Plan of Action

OUTREACH/MARKETING I can send information out to all Forsyth County Schools, YMCAs, Boys & Girls Club, Girls Scouts, Boy Scouts, Recreation Departments, churches, businesses, organizations, charities, and so forth. It can be promoted in the Joel Coliseum monthly newsletter and various media outlets (newspaper, radio, internet, etc.)in Forsyth and surrounding counties. I could also research organizations that provide grants or scholarships for youth development. With my career, I am in contact with several non-profit organizations and charities that involve youth. I will be sure to involve them in my annual gala.

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