Labor Day Festival

Official Project

The Problem

The money raised will be going to our school's yearly project. Last years project was the orphanage. While this years project is still undecided, the community we will be helping with the money will be senior citizens in our community or underprivilaged and homeless people in our communty.

Plan of Action

As a part of this fundraiser we will buy drinks and other food items and sell it at the Labor Day Festival. Also, we are going to have a carnival (if approved) with games, face painting and prizes so our club can raise money for our school project. Each year our school selects a huge project that all the clubs participate it and this fundraiser is going to help us raise money for our school's charity. The steps we will have to take include: going to businesses to see if they will sponser us (so we can have money to preform our project), calling our community/ town hall and reserving a spot at the Labor Day Festival, setting up/ running a carnival, and selling refreshments/ running a concession stand.

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