Lyrics 4 Change Initiative

The Problem

I see our youth listening to ingnrant music that promotes hate and violence in my community. With my background I am respected in the lower income communities and I am attempting to provide a positive source of music for the children growing up in our country to listen to. I will be an example of change by investing a majority of what I earn back into our communities via different initiatives.

Plan of Action

I have recorded my first album with hopes of influencing positive change in my community. My lyrics are very powerfull and the only thing holding me back is a lack of exsposure. One listen to my music and I know anyone with resources will want to help me spread these words. I have had a major impact on my family. I have incouraged more than one family member to pursue higher education, and I know I have influenced my brother to quit drinking. I can not say how many others I have influenced but I can say I have sold over 500 CDs.

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