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The Problem

The community I'm helping is the worldwide teenage population, and the problem is depression and suicide. In an average year, 30,600 teens commit suicide. This rate is rising. That's 30,600 teens who needed help, and either didn't receive it or just gave up hope. I myself am a teenager who is personally recovering from depression and suicide attempts. The pain I have been through is unimaginable. I WILL NOT let other people suffer like I have suffered. Period.

Plan of Action

For now, there isn't much I've been able to do to help out. What I've basically been doing so far is reminding teenagers that there IS support and help available, and what they're feeling is OKAY. They don't need to hide, they can get better. Currently, all we are is a very small MySpace page. We have approximately 370 friends at the moment. I began to take serious interest in this project after becoming more familiar with another anti-depression movement, To Write Love on Her Arms. Although most people love them, I myself wasn't quite satisfied. I felt there should be so much more available for teenagers. I felt there should be a place where they can come, and be able to connect with teens all over the world suffering just like them -- or teenage mentors who have overcome their depression, and they can talk to 24/7. There should be a place with VERY clear information, that will truly help them help themselves. TWLOHA just refers them to a website where they find a directory of nearby therapists. What I see is a website. The whole movement is very young. But I'm inspired. I'm absolutely devoted to spending my entire life on this project. I won't give up until we make a TRUE difference. On this website, I'm hoping to have nearly EVERYTHING thinkable related to depression. Ideas I have so far are: + Informative pages, just giving the facts, as I have on my current MySpace page. Right now, I have the following pages: - Is your friend suicidal? - Everything you need to know about teen depression - Depression glossary - Can depression be inherited? - How can I help my depressed friend? + Share Your Story - I'm hoping this will be an archive of teenagers who have been depressed and RECOVERED. I know how much this can be a true inspiration to those who are depressed. + Connecting teens - Each member can, if wanted, sign up for a personal account. With this they get their own profile, where they can write a bit about themselves and their experiences with depression. People can view each other's profiles, and add others as friends. They can bond together and help each other. + Peer support - I've been on a peer support forum for a long time now, and I know how great it can be. What I have in mind is not exactly a forum, but a "write in get answers system". Sort of like an "Ask Annie" column. Any user can write in with their problems, and any user can reply with advice and support. Obviously there would be moderators assigned so the idea wouldn't be abused. These are just a few basic ideas. I'm also planning, when the website gets launched, to ask all of my friends on MySpace what they think would be a great addition to the website. I'm sure they'll have some positive contributions, too. **I apologize for the lack of paragraphs, for some reason it isn't working! They are supposed to automatically form but neither that, HTML or BBcode is working**

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