Eagle Scout Project - Dog Shelters

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The Problem

I live in Southeast Texas and our area was hit very hard by hurricane Rita 2 1/2 years ago. Most of the area has recovered but some places have been unable to recover due to financial reasons. One of these places is an animal shelter here in my home town called Puddin's Place. This is a non-for-profit organization that takes in stray and abandoned dogs. They operate strictly on donations. Their building and shelters for the animals took a very hard hit in the hurricane. The money that they do have goes towards operating expensises of the building and dog food. They still have temporary tarps up to provide shade for the animals outside.

Plan of Action

I am a boy scout working on my Eagle scout project. I plan on building 16 dog houses and 9 platforms for the dog houses to sit on for a local non-for-profit dog shelter.

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