History Walk

The Problem

We are capatilizing on our towns history in order to bring in more tourism to the area. Our county has a low unemployment rate, sometimes, the lowest in the state. More tourist in our area means more jobs and more money to develop our city and it's historic properties. The City of Augusta has so many assets that have gone unused for many years. I think it is time we brought them out and let them shine.

Plan of Action

The city of Augusta has many historic properties and events that have taken place. We thought it would be a great idea to create a history walk to showcase the properties and educate others on our city's rich history. Signs were placed along the streets and schools were contacted and invited to take a guided tour. Also, a represenative from the Arkansas Historic Preservation Progam came to our city to conduct the tour one saturday. The tour was expected to go three days and one Saturday, but lasted for five weeks due to the tremendous response and interest it drew. It is still an ongoing program. Our city is very proud of the walk and is looking for new ways to promote it, such as banners, brochures, and buttons for the children and individuals who take the walk.

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