No More Plastic Bags in Hay River

The Problem

My project is focused mainly on my hometown, Hay River, Northwest Territories, but I hope that it will make an impact and create change on and in all the communities in the Northwest Territories Growing up in the NT I have always noticed the plethora of plastic bags floating around town and lining the highway by the dump for at least a km on either side. After noticing an increase in awareness of the issue in Calgary, at which I go to school, I realised that it would be a good idea to bring it up in my hometown, an easy project, as it is a small town, but also a challenging one, because of the mindset of lots of the people.

Plan of Action

My project, or goal, is to at first reduce the use of single-use plastic bags in my town, and hopefully eliminate their use. So far I have had articles in the paper explaining my mission and a booth at an Environment Day "market" at which i handed out free reusable bags and information pamphlets on the impact of the use of single-use plastic bags. I have also contacted members of the town council and discussed what would be an effective way to eliminate plastic bags in our community. My article in the paper made a huge impact. Lots of people realised what a problem the plastic bags were and were glad to see someone taking initiative in addressing the issue. As a result, there has been a very noticable increase in the use of reusable bags as well as people making other "greener" changes in their lives (such as biking or walking opposed to driving, etc)

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