Trinity Yard youth farm

The Problem

The community of Cape Three Points is located on the most southern point of Ghana, a small fishing village depending mostly on farming and the sea to survive. The people that inhabit the village are Nzima and have lived on the same land for many many generations. They are a proud people, holding tight to their culture as the threats of losing it grows around them. The problems facing the community are many: health care, rapid development of coastal lands, lack of educational resources, unemployment, threats of displacement from a multi-national oil company and inaccessibility to roads, markets and hospitals. A better academic and vocational education is the first step in resolving the issues that threaten the lives and future of the village. There are no high schools in Cape Three Points or in any of the neighboring villages or towns, making it almost impossible for parents to put their children through higher levels of schooling. Most families are living in severe financial poverty, unable to pay for transportation to the larger towns where schools exist, let alone pay for fees, books, housing and meals. Last year only one child was able to pass the exam given to all middle school students of Ghana, that decides whether they are able to continue to high school or not. As you can imagine many students are left behind, with no skills or hope to improve their life through education. Many travel to the cities and larger towns to hustle, in hope of selling goods, carrying loads, or finding work that will allow them to learn a skill. Some start fishing or farming and manage to keep content working the land. Others turn to violence or prostitution never to return to their families again. Our aim is to encourage the youth to take action in improving the lives of the people around them through education, sports and the arts.

Plan of Action

We have set up a non-profit organization called Trinity Yard Ltd. to help create educational opportunities for the youth of Cape Three Points, Ghana. It is our aim to build a vocational school over the next five years to give students who have no access to a high school education the opportunity to further their education in practical skills and academics. We have purchased three acres of land on which we have planted fruit trees, and built a road. In addition we have inspired the children in the village in creating soccer teams and a culture group. We have four teams, under-15 boys/ under-13 boys and two girls teams as well as a dancing and drumming group with 25 girls and 10 boys. We were able to get cleats and uniforms from families who helped sponsor the teams from America. The youth helped recondition drums that we painted and now play at our soccer games in the village. This is our first step in creating a safe place for the youth to come together and express themselves through sports and the arts. Through our efforts we have created unity among the youth from Cape Three Points and surrounding villages who have joined us. Our involvement with the youth has given hope to many families who have become more attentive to the future of their children. The focus on the youth and appreciation of their roll within the community has become more evident, giving them a feeling of importance and self worth. We have recently hand dug a well on a piece of farm land on which the youth connected to our project will farm to help raise funds to pay for transportation to and from soccer games in neighboring towns and cities. We will use grant money that is awarded to finish the well and buy irrigation hoses to water the local varieties of tomatoes, okra, hot pepper and cassava.

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