The Problem

Daddy-Man encourages Fathers to step up to the plate and become the Heroes to their children. A Father can teach his children the core values he/she will need in life from being a good citizen to one day a good parent and teaching his/her children the same values. These values can affect a community as well as an entire country. Daddy-Man creates a hero that a child can associate and acquaint with verses the role models children look to today such as sports stars and imaginary heroes. Daddy-Man represents the positive male who is willing to influence a child in a positive manner.

Plan of Action

Our organization has been very effective in our community and we have a local following of "Daddy-Men." I published my first book this year entitled, "The Chronucles of Daddy-Man" based on the superhero as an outlet for fathers to spend time reading to their children. Daddy-Man also makes appearances with me as I promote my book.

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