Albany: Convenient Recycling

The Problem

Albany is the general area we are trying to help recycle. It is not government mandated, and there is only one drop off for a population of 76939, as of the 2000 census. Obviously, the general public does not recycle. Not only is it inconvienient, people do not understand WHY it is important to recycle. So we are trying to both educate and inspire the city of Albany to recycle.

Plan of Action

I started the organization by making my friends, co-workers, and a few city officials aware of what I had in mind. We generated ideas and gained a few volunteers. Shortly after, a small pick up route developed and continues to grow everyday. In almost four months we have recycled .... 5425 lbs of glass 124 lbs of aluminum 95 lbs of plastic 1059 lbs of paper about 500 lbs of scrap metal We have also collected about 20 electronics to recycle

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