There's a Worm in my Classroom! Elmwood School's Worm Composting Project

Official Project

The Problem

The students at Elmwood Elementary School are beginning to think "green". We have a new "GO GREEN" club with stuents from grades 4 - 6, committed to making a difference in our school. One of the initiatives for the 2008-09 school year, is to reduce waste within our school.

Plan of Action

The first step in the "There's a Worm in my Classroom" is educating the staff and students at Elmwood Elementary School about worm composting. The "GO GREEN" club will help teach about worm composting through weekly announcements, updating our blog, and bringing our compost bin around to classrooms. Teachers and students will also use the materials from the Illinois Sustainable Education Project before introducting worms into the classroom. The second step would be to set-up the worm bins in the classroom. Each classroom, grades 1 - 6, can discuss what types of materials can be composted and the importance of turning these resources into something usable. The bins would be assembled in each classroom and the purchased worms would be put into the bins. The third step would be to let the worms do what they do best - make castings! We can reduce lunchroom waste by composting lunch leftovers. Not only will our school lunch waste be reduced, but we will inspire over 600 students and their families to hopefully begin composting in their own homes. By showing students the benefits of composting and how easily a bin can be set-up and maintained, we can reach out to families to ultimately reduce the waste the Elmwood Park throws away each week.

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