Operation Christmas Child

Official Dosomething.org Project

The Problem

Operation Christmas Child delivers thousands of presents to children in third world, developing countries every year. Many of the children who receive the presents every year, have never received gifts before, and don't have education and live in extreme poverty. Samaritan's Purse aims to give these children hope and love by distributing shoe boxes of gifts to them and letting them know that people abroad care for them and love them. This project is about giving impoverished youth hope and a better outlook on their future.

Plan of Action

I will get a group of people together first of all to help spread the word and organize a drive. The first step would to be to tell students what Operation Christmas child is through posters and fliers. The second step will be to start a donation drive, firstly for shoe boxes, a drive of toys, school supplies, shoes, clothes, hygienic items and to collect and sort them. Then we can offer the option of students to actually make their own shoe boxes for some kind of incentive, community service hours maybe? With all the items collected, the group working on the project will sort, pack, and wrap the shoe boxes. The last step before sending to boxes is off is to find a way to fund raise enough money ($7 a box)to ship the boxes. Then the boxes would be taken to a drop off site and shipped off:D

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