Going Green

Official Dosomething.org Project

The Problem

The Ulen-Hitterdal National Honor Society wants to further the recycling program at the school. This has become a problem where a lot of people have been putting pop bottles into garbages instead of into a recycling bin. If we had more containers to put the bottles into, it would be great.

Plan of Action

First off, the National Honor Society will keep promoting the students and staff to recycle their used papers. We will put up signs around the school and around the town promoting the whole town to help with this project. A note will be put on the bottom of programs at volleyball and basketball games to promote attendees to recycle in the bins. Elementary students will create "Go Green" signs in their art classes. Articles will be placed in local newspapers to make community members aware of the school's increased efforts. If this grant is secured it would allow the National Honor Society to increase general awareness throughout the school of current recycling efforts.

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