The Problem

As Walt Disney said, "There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate's loot on Treasure Island." One book can be all it takes to inspire the imagination of a kid or to relieve the worries of an adult. So give a book; give a dream. Studies show that access to books is essential to success in literacy. Forming a reading habit at a young age significantly correlates with achieving higher scores. Yet most people don't realize that 60% of underprivileged children do not own a single book. Many of these students are less likely to develop adequate reading proficiency, which puts them at a further disadvantage later on in life. At the same time, old books are sitting unused, unnecessarily taking up space in many homes. We Bookaneers strive to alleviate this serious issue.

Plan of Action

We created a Facebook group, blog, and email; designed, copied, and posted flyers; made announcements and made news in three local papers; and spread the word about our project around our high school and community. We established local drop box locations and neighborhood drives, as well as a network of varied contacts. We started an official Roswell High club organization and are increasing teacher and classroom involvement. We collect and store books, sorting them by age group. We go through the reading material to determine where it could best be used. Then, we count and bag or box books to deliver. So far we have: collected and sorted 1793 books of a great variety; sent 5 large boxes to Better World Books to benefit the National Center for Family Literacy; shipped 2 boxes of children's/young adult books (56 total) to a new library/literary center in Morocco started by a Peace Corps member; delivered children's/young adult books to 6 medical clinics, 50(+) books each; given 20 children's books to a new rural GA library, contributed textbooks for education institutions in Azerbaijan, and delivered books for adults to 3 senior services centers, 30 books each. And there's more to come!

Project Updates

A lot has happened! On 9.18, we broke our initial goal of 1500 books! We currently have 1623 books -- and there are still more coming in. Our high school club is thriving, and we've got some really exciting plans and ideas on the agenda. Please check the blog for further information!

It's go time! With the new school year starting, we're excited about founding an official Roswell High Bookaneers club. There's a lot more underway, as well, with our network of contacts steadily expanding.

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