Pause for Paws

Official Project

The Problem

I am building dog houses for the Stafford County Animal Shelter because they are in desperate need of them. The Animal Shelter makes rounds in our community to make sure that all the animals and pets are being well taken care of. If anything is unsuitable, the Officers will sit down with the family and discuss what needs to be done to fix it. If worst comes to worse and the family does not help their pet within the given time line, the Officers have to step in and find out why they are not taking care of their pet. In the circumstance that I am helping, if a family doesn't have an outdoor house for their pet the Officer tells them they need to get one. If the family is unable to purchase one because of financial reasons, the shelter has houses avialable. We do not feel that just because a family can't afford a dog house, they should be denied the privilige of owning a family pet. The shelter is running low on these houses so I found it in my best interest to do my best to help the situation.

Plan of Action

First, I need to acquire the materials for the dog houses. I have already researched different types of dog houses that are easy but reliable in all types of weather. After I recieve all the materials I need, I will ask around for any volunteers who would be willing to help me build and transport the dog houses to the shelter. After that, I will be involved in helping the first family install their new dog house in their home.

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