Festival of Trees

The Problem

In January of 2006, the National Coalition for the Homeless and the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty, rated Lawrence, KS as the second “meanest city” in the nation with regards to public treatment of this population demographic. Having lived in this community for the past three years as a student at the University of Kansas, I do not believe the people of Lawrence deserve this type of label. Nonetheless, this demographic needs to be embraced and helped to a greater extent. The goal of this project is to provide monetary relief to the local chapter of the Salvation Army, who can in turn best funnel that money back into the streets for relief and rehabilitation programs.

Plan of Action

The largest obstacle to this sustainable project is obtaining start-up materials. Funds are needed to purchase 6 fake Holiday trees (one for each pair of Scholarship Halls). If money can be obtained to purchase the trees, individualy Halls will spend time in the planning of their respective trees, after which each will be displayed in the Scholarship Hall Community Center. Local buisinesses will be invited to bid upon the trees, and winners will effectively rent them for the holiday season. Trees will then be sustained for annual use and all money will benefit the homeless via the Salvation Army.

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