Pet Angel Kitten Room Expansion

The Problem

Our local cat rescue has a room that is to be strickly for kittens. Right now it houses the kittens and some cats in cages. My project will turn this room into a free roam place, where the kittens will be able to get more exercise and grow normally. This will make them happier kittens and will help them get adopted quicker.

Plan of Action

To achieve a free roam kitten room, the room will need some modifications. There is a door that will need to be closed over, along with a open space in the ceiling. The walls need a washable covering placed on them, to meet the Michigan code. Then the room needs items to keep the kittens happy, cat trees, beds, etc. The first step will be to have the door and ceiling closed in. Next washable wall covering needs to be applied to the walls. Finally all the kitten essentials will be purchased and added to the room (cat trees, cat beds & blankets, litterboxes, food and water bowls and cat toys). Some chairs for potential adoptors to sit in would also be added.

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