Ephesians Four Tutorial

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The Problem

I'm helping a community with a high rate of drop out students. Sense i was in high school, i would see most of my friends drop out because of education challenge and the streets. Most of the people i have talked with want to go back to school but they don't have a one-on-one tutor. I have began to get this program together and i know that it is going to be a great success. The people that have enrolled in the tutorial are high school drop outs and now going back to school, some are seniors who want to go back and get their high school diploma or GED, and the other are those that just need that motivation to stay in school. I want to do all that i can to reduce the high drop out rate.

Plan of Action

The steps i took in creating the tutorial was first prayer. That's something that i have to do. Next, i began to draft people to be my secretary, board members, mentors, and teachers. It has all come together very great. I believe that the impact i have made is very huge, and its still more to come.

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