Cool Coventry Club

Official Project

The Problem

Global warming is one of the greatest problems facing modern society, but we can stop it. Every action taken against global warming will make a difference.If all the cities of the world unite to keep cool, global warming will end.

Plan of Action

Since 2006, I've brought presentations and an information table to 25 events across New England. Presentation topics have included global warming, hybrid and biofuel cars, business energy use, the effects of climate change on wildlife and how student groups can create energy campaigns. I’ve distributed energy conservation information to more than 800 people, collected hundreds of petition signatures for my town to become a “SmartPower” community and to request recycling bins for our town park and shopping area, and given away and sold hundreds of compact fluorescent light bulbs. I've worked with several businesses to reduce their carbon footprints through development of energy action plans, and am collaborating with local and state officials to propose legislation that would make Connecticut a leader in the fight against global warming. I also run the CCC website and national energy reduction pledge campaign, and have collected hundreds of energy conservation pledges from 17 states across the country.

Project Updates

Last spring I held a variety of presentation and tabling events on energy conservation, and distributed my "Things You Can Do" booklets to a local elemntary school. I also started distributing my "Things You Can Do" brochures through local businesses and town biuldings. My town has gotten a lot "greener," earning its first solar panel thanks to my petition and educational campaigns for the Smart Power/Clean Energy Communities programs - we are now working on getting our solar panel for town buildings. The town council also agreed to trial reccyling bins in a local park, thanks to my petition campaign for this. I've spoken at our state legislature and in a YERT video in favor of clothesline leguislation, and I'm currently working on a new video educational campaign, and will shortly be making a presentation at our state "One Thing Expo," named for our governor's "one thing" campaign to cut carbon emissions. One of the things I'm most exicted about is my new CCC KUSCI coalition -- the Keep US Cool Initiative and list serve for grassroot environmental groups to share ideas and resources. You can access it through my website.

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