Implementing Deposits on Bottles to Encourage Recycling

Official Project

The Problem

Throughout the U.S.A. we can observe the rate of consumption as an immense problem. To make matters worse, a handful of states have deposits on their cans and glass bottles to encourage the amount of recycling that occurs. I personally lived in Vermont for most of my life and was used to this concept as a part of our duty as consumers. When I moved to Arizona two years ago I was astounded at the amount of waste that is created and the sad reality that there are no incentives to recycling and in most cases you must pay to have it taken away.

Plan of Action

Thus far, this project is very new and has not become an organization. The impact I have made has been reflected in my neighborhood as well as with my classmates who plan on helping me every step of the way. The ultimate goal of this is to lobby the bill to implement deposits on bottles state-wide.

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