Assistant Softball Coach

Official Project

The Problem

I believe very strongly in being active, whether its sports or an outdoor activity. I coach a Middle school softball team(7th graders). I help them work on their softball skills as well as teamwork and vocal skills. Sports keep kids out of trouble and give them something to do thats healthy not only for their mind, but for their body as well. The athletes and the coaches run 2-3 laps around the track before and after practice. The girls complained at first but now its become pretty easy for them and they enjoy it. I explain to them that exercise helps them sleep and grow more healthy.

Plan of Action

With the games and positive attitude, I have created a certain respect from the girls and find out that when I could be at practice once, they were asking the other coaches where I was. I talked with several of the athletes and convinced them to take a step further and try out for a club team. All of those girls I talked to are now currently on a club team and play softball continuely.

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