Accept Love Feel Again: Depression and Suicide Awareness and Prevention Concert

The Problem

I'm aiming this at high school and college age kids. Depression affects nearly a third of all adolescents, and it's something that schools don't provide information on. In our society drugs, sex, and alcohol use are the norm for many teenagers and young adults. While many people will blame this on poor will power or bad parenting, the real reason for a lot of these young people is depression. Depression is treatable if help is sought. I hope to inspire young people to go out and educate others about depression and suicide, and to help those who need assistance to get it.

Plan of Action

I've called around and found a few places (mainly churches) that are interested in holding the event. I've looked up bands, and many local bands (Detroit area) are willing to play. I'm currently drafting a letter to send out to bigger name bands to see if we can get someone to pull people in. I have a few friends working on posters. Right now we're doing all we can with the limited resources, funds, and reception we're receiving.

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